Office Ergonomics Training

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Course Length
30 mins

Ali Golabchi



Office Ergonomics – Online & Interactive 30 minute Training


Key Features & Benefits

• Multimedia course with interactive and engaging content. Includes audio narration.

• Contains key components required under most Health and Safety Codes Jurisdictions.

• Significantly reduces training costs often associated with in-person training or remote training sites.

• Employees can take the course at their convenience and revisit the content at any time.

Who is this training for?

Employees that use a computer in their daily work activities.


What does it cover?

• Introduction to ergonomics

• What is a musculoskeletal injury?

• Signs, symptoms, and risk factors associated with the onset of a MSI

• Strategies to minimize both risk of injury and improve overall comfort.


Additional Information

**Volume discounts & free demo available 

As an alternative and for higher volumes this training can be launched from your corporate LMS or from our cloud LMS in a customized elearning portal. Licensing options are available. This training can also be customized with your corporate branding, custom content and preferences.  Contact us for details & pricing. 


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate EWI Training Certificate

EWI Ergo Course
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Added 19 days ago, by Anonymous
Added about 1 month ago, by Samantha
Added 2 months ago, by Anonymous
This course is very detailed and goes through everything from risks to solutions.
Added 2 months ago, by Anonymous
Good course, good explanation on office ergonomics.
Added 5 months ago, by Conrad
Added 6 months ago, by Kevin
Added 6 months ago, by Hamid
Added 9 months ago, by Sheena
I found the course very informative and interesting. I did have difficulty with the quiz, as I tried every variation I could think of for question 1 and none were correct, so I am confused as to what answer it was looking for.
Added 9 months ago, by Kelsie
Added 9 months ago, by Fraser

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